Divorce - contested or uncontested - can be as painful as a death in the family. Everything changes, from your living situation and your finances to your relationship with your children. It can be a time of great bitterness and uncertainty, and a few lawyers exploit these feelings by encouraging conflict in the hopes of prolonging the case and sending out even higher bills.

But my goal is for the process to be timely, lasting and inexpensive. Clients should consider divorce mediation as an option for achieving an equitable resolution for both parties. By choosing to use divorce mediation instead of divorce litigation, you maintain control of the process and can reach an agreement in weeks that could take months or years in family court. With that said, I will do whatever it takes to protect my clients' rights. If an uncooperative or spiteful spouse refuses to cooperate, I am not afraid to advocate in court. Contact us today for a free consultation about your divorce or other Minnesota family law case.

I help clients with the following family law issues:


Child support

Child custody

Visitation agreements (parenting time)

Alimony/spousal maintenance

Child support modification and enforcement

Fathers' rights

Modification of existing child custody orders

Prenuptial agreements

Domestic violence and orders for protection

Divorce mediation

Termination of parental rights;

Claims of neglect (CHIPS proceedings);

And other family law concerns

Regardless how simple or complex your divorce case or family law concern, I will do everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome with as little time and frustration as possible. Contact me today for a free consultation and take the first step toward a lasting resolution.

Family law includes:  Adoption; Divorce; Child Custody; Child Support; Spousal Maintenance; Alimony; Visitation Rights; Paternity; Domestic Violence; Divorce Decree; Order; Guardian Ad Litem; Social Services; Conservator; Spouse; Someplace Safe; Exchange; Interrogatories; Petition; Complaint; Taxes; Income Tax; Medical Coverage; Insurance; OFP; TRO; HRO; Marital Law.

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