I have over 30 years experience in real estate matters. Services include:

preparing deeds,

representing and advising sellers,

representing and advising buyers,

preparing purchase agreements,

preparing closing documents,

lawsuits to quiet title to property,

lawsuits to determine adverse possession claims,

examining abstracts to determine whether there is marketable title,

representing developers,

representing landlords,

representing tenants.


Other real estate topics include:  Purchase Agreement; Construction Law; Property Rights; Easements; Eminent Domain; Condemnation; Title Corrections; Pay on Death; Joint Tenancy; Shoreland Management Compliance; Land Use Planning; Real Estate Financing; Real Property Law; Quiet Title; Riparian Rights; Lakeshore; Ingress and Egress; Severance; Adverse Possession; Practical Location;  Statute of Limitation; Landlord-Tenant.

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