I have  offered representation for disability claims in the Fergus Falls and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

My Social Security Disability Focus:

    Social Security Disability claims
    Social Security Disability appeals
    All types of mental or physical disabilities
    Gathering information and medical evidence

There is no initial consultation fee and no retainer fee.

We develop your record by gathering medical evidence and obtaining doctors' opinions. We use this to try to get you approved on the record. If this is possible, it can shorten the time required for getting approval since you will not wait for a hearing to be scheduled. That does happen.

If that is not possible, I will meet with you before your hearing and explain the process involved, and will attend your hearing as your legal representative.  It is also possible that at the hearing, the administrative law judge will rule in your favor which happened in a recent case, so long as we provide the medical records and reports supporting your claim.

Preparation is the key!
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